PEA IN A POD: Lauren + Cole

Well this was a twist for me: we started out our session at Line Creek Nature Center in Peachtree City, only to return to our cars halfway through (for an outfit change) and find my clients’ car window smashed and most of their valuables gone, and the police already waiting for us–other people had also had their cars broken into and it literally happened within ten minutes of us walking down the trail. So, lots of sad faces from them and angry faces from me and we decided to finish another day. In the meantime I made a couple flower crowns and discovered that it’s AWESOME!!! and Lauren was super excited to wear them at the re-shoot. A week later, we met up at Turnipseed Nursery and spent a lovely–albeit chilly–hour amongst the daffodils and new leaves. I can’t wait to meet their little girl when she comes in April! These two are super patient, kind people–as evidenced by the fact that they’re both teachers and also handled the whole mess with their car with grace and good humor–and will be awesome parents.


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