DIY: Cake Ornaments Vol. 2

Been making more lovely cake ornaments!! Surprised a couple of my brides and also got several orders through my Etsy store! Yay!! Which one is your favorite?


SENIORS: Hannah Jane {2018}

Another one of my sweet former students is on her way to graduation! She was such a doll when I taught her in middle school–how many teenage girls can you say that about? She was new to the school and trying to adjust, too. She’s still both sweet and so smart–she loves robotics, Disney, and all things glitter and is looking at a career in the STEM field. Given that she already is interning at GT and started several local robotics clubs for kids, I’d say she’s already on her way. Go girl!

JUST MARRIED: Blake + Anna {10.7.2017}

What a fun, whimsical night! This cute couple have been together since they were young teens and decided to have a surprise wedding in Atlanta with their friends! They pulled it off beautifully and are continuing their world travels with a 3 month long South Asian honeymoon. I love that they were able to personalize some really hip trends and perfectly reflect their interests + style! They even had a globe for a guestbook (I LOVE unconventional guest books that can actually be displayed in your house!) Congratulations, you two.